Thursday, 27 November 2008

Mumbai Jumbai

The reason why I don't write, say, "Peking" is, among other things, because at least "Beijing" is what the Chinese themselves call it.

By contrast, the rendition of Bombay as "Mumbai" is mercifully repudiated both by that city's High Court and by its Stock Exchange. For the forces behind that and other such innovations are seriously nasty.

"Al-BBC", say the neocons.

Not a bit of it, if this is anything to go by.

Rather (and following on from "Myanmar", making the BBC the Trumpet of the Burmese Junta), we have the BBC, Voice of the BJP and the RSS.


  1. It's funny - when I heard the news this morning I predicted that your first comment on the Mumbai atrocity would be to complain about the media's use of the name "Mumbai", rather than about the murder of over 100 people. And I was right.

  2. It's indicative. Why do those who murder Muslims in Gujarat and Christians in Orissa get this deference?

  3. Also, it allows you to repeat yourself over and over again, instead of thinking.

  4. How much thought have you ever given these matters, Codger?

  5. David, you're right. I have never given anything a moment's thought in my life. I now see that everything I have done up to this point has been a waste. I am ashamed.