Wednesday, 26 November 2008

No BBC Local After All

In all the fuss over the decision to let Jonathan Ross off the hook, I suspect that most people will have missed the rather better decision that, very untrue to form, the BBC is going to allow an alternative source of news (local newspapers, read by something like eighty per cent of people at least once per week) to remain in existence. How very generous of you, Auntie...


  1. But would you prefer a local newspaper market dominated by papers run under the auspices of the Daily Mail and General Trust? I think not.

    I'd much prefer to have Auntie to Lord Rothermere!

  2. Why? You don't have to buy a Rothermore newspaper if you don't wnat to. This was a scheme to undercut out of existence a successful, indeed thriving, entire sector. At public expense!