Monday, 29 September 2008

South Shields

With Milly banned (he'll never be Leader now, so what is the point of him?), whom should Brown arrange to have imposed on South Shields, as Blair arranged to impose Milly? I'll start us off with Derek Simpson.


  1. Oh right....kick him upstairs to the House of Lords, never become PM then!
    Allow the constituency Labour Party to have it's own bun fight over a successor.

    (In which case Cllr. Iain Malcolm gets the nod.)

  2. The House of Lords, indeed! Even his father never got that, and Milly is not a patch.

    And the CLP, indeed! They'll get who they're given and like it or lump it, just like they did with Milly. Who do they think is going to ask them? This isn't the Eighties, you know.