Monday, 22 September 2008

Come In, Number 10

Ah, the joy of annoying the Millifans! So I'll have another go.

He'd never get 70 nominations from the PLP, never mind win in a ballot of Labour members and levy-paying trade unionists. So why are you still banging on about this nonsense?

Miliband isn't even the real Foreign Secretary. That Mark Malloch Brown attends Cabinet says it all. Some Labour MP or other had to be found to pretend to be Foreign Secretary in order to keep the Labour Party sweet. And only Miliband had the right combination of idiocy, indolence, vanity and venality.

Since he is already not the real Foreign Secretary, if he ever did move into Number 10, then who would be the real Prime Minister, and why?

We could do a lot worse than Malloch Brown.

And we would.


  1. Do you think all your critics are fans of Miliband then? Can you think of any other reasons why people might want to take issue with your assertions on this topic?