Tuesday, 23 September 2008

And So To Brown

I couldn't sit through it. The American-style spousal speech and Motown-musicked video beforehand had made me ill before Gordon was even on stage. And I love Motown.

I saw the first half-hour, though. They applauded his description of New Labour, entirely accurately, as "a pro-market party", indicating that neither they nor he ever read the papers or watch the news these days.

And then there was Oona King. Apparently on or very near the front row, lovingly lingered over by the BBC cameras - I mean, why? Plenty of MPs lost their seats last time, and plenty of Labour MPs in particular, several whom had previously done rather better than never so much as making PPS or Assistant Whip despite having voted for the Iraq War, the privatisation of public services, the destruction of civil liberties, the lot. (To be fair, Blair was very given to bringing in women and ethnic minorities at the lowest level and then leaving them there. At least Brown is honest - he won't have them at all.)

But they certainly do not enjoy Ms King's media profile. What is going on?


  1. break dancing jesus23 September 2008 at 18:35

    Oona for NW Durham.

    Anyone looking at her can see she's mixed race. With you some people miss it. So what would you have to say for yourself then?

  2. Bring it on.

    In fact, you are now just frit if you don't bring *her* on.

  3. "In fact, you are now just frit if you don't bring *her* on."

    Are you serious? You think that failing to put up Oona King as Labour candidate for NW Durham would be a sign of weakness by the Labour Party?

  4. I know exactly who BDJ is, and, for and on behalf of the New Labour Establishment as it imposes itself in these parts, he has threatened me with Oona king. Well, bring her on.

    The name that I have heard is that of Sharon Hodgson, an MP whose neighbouring seat is to be abolished by boundary changes. But she is far too Northern for New Labour, and her accent is a too Tyneside rather than County Durham for this seat, so she would appear to fall between two stools.

    I expect that she is black and white (as King would probably sell herself as being, since her mother is from Gtaeshead). This seat is used to a red and white MP. Long may it remain the case.