Tuesday, 23 September 2008

Milly's Friends

As seen on last night's Newsnight:

- David Aaronovitch, old Communist Party hand turned Murdoch columnist, and key member of the largely Murdoch-employed junta of old sectarian Leftists which ordered this country to war in Iraq;

- James Purnell, persecutor of the sick and the disabled, and David Cameron's choice for his own current Cabinet position, making Milly and him the Weirdo and the Weasel; and

- Eddie Izzard, more than a little at home in the gender-bending world of New Labour and New New Labour.

Meanwhile, Iain Dale reports that:

"The city of Chester's delegate has had her pass withdrawn and booted out of Conference after bumping in to David Milliband. She told him that he was a disgrace for the way he is "plotting" to bring down Gordon Brown. Miliband's people complained and they have now withdrawn her pass as a result."

Be afraid.

Be very, very, very afraid.


  1. Iain Dale's post isn't entirely accurate. She wasn't just critical, she was highly abusive, swearing at Miliband repeatedly. The kind of behaviour which, I believe, results in the deletion of comments from this blog.

  2. Abuse of Milly deleted from here? Perish the thought.