Tuesday 19 March 2024

Three Months To Go

Can I get a witness? If you know, you know. In fact, it is very high time that everyone knew. It was supposed to have happened on 6th November, but at Durham Crown Court on 19th June, I am to answer a single charge of having published six blogposts, of which two do not exist, two do not say anything like what is alleged, and two have nothing to do with anything remotely pertinent.

It took the Police two months to arrest me, but to this day no Police Officer has ever set eyes on any of those posts, since I was arrested and charged on simple trust. On 6th November, the Crown’s only witness, the Police Officer who claimed to have been shown the blogposts but who admitted that he himself had never looked them up, disappeared into thin air, simply failing to present himself, being impossible to contact, and turning out to have been suspended from the Police. Like the judge, I could not see how that precluded his appearance as a witness. But there we were, and there we are. Has he ever re-emerged?

The facts of the matter are that two of those posts have never existed, that two do not say anything like what is alleged, that two have no relevance, and that not even the vanished policeman has ever claimed to have checked, as would have taken seconds and stopped this whole business in its tracks.

The Crown’s versions of the second two posts are in a style unrecognisable as mine, and would turn controversial but coherent material into rambling nonsense. I have never been arrested for attempting to pervert the course of justice in this case, effectively conceding that the blogposts are as I set out, especially since I have a previous conviction for perverting the course of justice, although that was obtained, along with my conviction for malicious communication, solely on last-minute propensity evidence.

Any bad character evidence against me would depend on the word of the man whom the Forde Report had found to have called Diane Abbott an Angry Black Woman, as could have been known, but was not, when I wrongly pled guilty to having harassed him. I did not harass him, and if the Forde Report had been published on time, then the Crown Prosecution Service would never have taken up his case because he would have been destroyed under cross-examination, as he now would be. The lurid list that he had read into the record of the court, after that plea had been entered, was a pack of lies, making him the second person to have lied in order to have me imprisoned. Sue me.

This time, it was the Crown that specifically requested that I be put on unconditional bail, and it was the judge who had imprisoned me on 27th April 2021 who confirmed my unconditional bail for another seven months on 6th November 2023. Why was the Police Officer suspended, why did he fail to present himself, and why did he never check that the posts really existed? If he says that he did, then why had he not said that earlier, and why is there is no trace of them now? If there were still no trace of him, then whom, exactly, would the Crown propose to call, since he was its only witness last time?


  1. "The arc of the moral universe is long, but it bends toward justice."

    1. You have quoted that correctly, so you will know that most people do not. Thank you.