Thursday, 28 July 2016

Essential for the Very Survival of the NHS

We urgently need a Labour party that is prepared to undo the damage done to our NHS by successive governments.

Cuts, privatisation and opening the NHS up to the market, against public and professional opinion, has made the NHS less safe, less efficient, and at risk of becoming less caring.

The Health and Social Care Act 2012 speeded up a process of destruction that had already started.

The junior doctors’ dispute, still unresolved, reflects the impossibility of providing the same level of routine services over seven days, when the resources scarcely exist to provide this over five.

So we, as NHS doctors from all branches of the profession, whether we are in the Labour party or not, urgently need an opposition that is united, with clear policies to increase funding to the NHS, repeal the Health and Social Care Act, reverse the privatisations, and get rid of markets in healthcare.

Jeremy Corbyn and his shadow secretary of state Diane Abbott have declared an intention to do all of this, and have displayed exactly the type of decisive leadership the NHS is calling for.

We believe the re-election of Corbyn as leader of the Labour party is essential for the very survival of the NHS.

Dr Kambiz Boomla General practitioner, London 
Dr Jacky Davis Radiologist, London 
Dr Louise Irvine General practitioner, London 
Dr David Wrigley Chair of Doctors in Unite, Carnforth, Lancashire 
Dr Ron Singer Retired GP, London 
Dr Youssef El-Gingihy London 
Dr Anna Livingstone GP, London 
Dr Yannis Gourtsoyannis Specialist registrar, infectious diseases; junior doctors committee, BMA, London
Dr Aislinn Macklin-Doherty Oncology, London 
Dr Pete Campbell Acute medicine, Newcastle 
Dr Megan Parsons Junior doctor, Manchester 
Dr Jackie Applebee GP, London 
Dr Pam Wortley Retired GP, Sunderland 
Dr Haroon Rashid GP, Ilford 
Dr Saul Marmot GP, Bromley by Bow health centre, London 
Dr Sasha Abraham GP, London 
Dr Gerard Reissman General practitioner, Newcastle upon Tyne 
Dr Sheila Cheeroth GP, Limehouse practice, London 
Dr Robert MacGibbon Retired GP, Westleton, Suffolk 
Dr Maureen O’Leary Retired consultant psychiatrist, Sheffield 
Dr Jack Czauderna Retired GP, Sheffield 
Dr Mona Kamal Ahmed Forensic psychiatrist, London 
Dr Muna Rashid GP, London 
Dr Alex Hardip Sohal GP, London 
Dr David Kirby Retired GP, London 
Dr Robert Hirst Emergency medicine, London 
Dr Iain Maclennan Consultant in public health and retired GP, Sandown, Isle of Wight 
Dr Hennah Bashir Emergency medicine, London 
Dr Kelly Cruickshank Psychiatry, Salford 
Dr Max Thoburn Junior doctor, Manchester 
Dr Kathryn Greaves Anaesthetics, London 
Dr Shamira Bhika GP, London 
Dr Mary Edmondson Retired GP, London 
Dr Rishi Dir Orthopaedics, London 
Dr Helen Murrell GP, Newcastle upon Tyne 
Dr John Puntis Consultant paediatrician, Leeds 
Dr Thabo Miller Paediatrics, Somerset 
Dr Ben Hart GP, London 
Dr Paul Hobday GP, Horsmonden, Kent 
Dr Hilary Kinsler Consultant, old age psychiatry, King George hospital, Ilford 
Dr Michael Fitchett GP, London 
Dr Soraya Boomla GP, London 
Dr Kevin O’Kane Consultant, acute medicine Emma Runswick Medical student, Salford
Dr Coral Jones GP, London

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