Thursday, 31 March 2016

The Nick Cohen Challenge

The most notable thing about George Galloway's critics is that none of them has ever so much as sought election to anything in his life.

No surprise there, of course.

Who would vote for Nick Cohen, or David Aaronovitch, or Oliver Kamm, or any of that lot?

Cohen, who is now completely obsessed with Galloway, ought to undertake to contest any parliamentary seat that Galloway did in 2020, or indeed in the course of this Parliament.

Or else shut the hell up. And try, even it at this late stage, to get a life.


  1. Are you going to stand for Parliament?

  2. Private Eye is also obsessed with Galloway, and Kamm, who like Douglas Murray has a lot of influence at the newly neocon Eye, says on Twitter that the last thing Christopher Hitchens ever said to him was to keep on Galloway's case.

  3. “If he [Khan] wins, I’ll be a candidate in the Tooting parliamentary by-election swiftly thereafter,” he grins.

    You predicted this months ago.

    1. Indeed, I did. This should be very well worth watching.