Saturday, 28 September 2013

Lost In The Post

So our Royal Mail is as good as sold, to "financial institutions". There used to be laws against insider trading, but they seem to have gone by the by.

Much of the blame for this must attach to Ed Miliband. If he had promised renationalisation in his speech this week, then no such institution would have taken the risk. Contrary to what they themselves often assert, risk-taking is exactly what they do not do.

There is no point complaining that this was in no one's manifesto. Having been in The Orange Book, this was in the Lib Dem manifesto. One among many reasons why there must be a Labour overall majority in 2015.

And one among many reasons why there ought not to be any Lib Dem MPs whatever in the next Parliament. If that could be made to happen under the German electoral system, then it can certainly be made to happen under the British one.


  1. You correctly blame Ed Miliband for quite deliberately refusing to stop this (I suspect his accountants told him how much it would cost , and his lawyers told him it would fall afoul of EU law and incur penalties).

    Then you go on to say that's why he should be elected? Your confused.

  2. You will have to recognise at some point that Ed Miliband is weak and hopeless. What is the point of having a leader of the OPPOSITION when he does very little, if anything, to OPPOSE this discredited prime minister. Does he have any idea whatsoever about the mood in the country over this latest scandalous piece of legislation where Cameron is looking after the interests of his chums in the city?
    Is there not a politician anywhere in this country who will defend our royal mail, or our utilities, or our transport systems, and keep them under the control of this country? Apparently not. So why should be bother voting for them. If UKIP gets many votes in 2015 it will be because so many people, including myself, are so heartily sick of the disdain that the three major parties have shown towards the electorate that they are no longer able to vote for them.
    Don't blame the Lib Dems for this betrayal of our postal system: they are minnows in this scenario. Miliband could have stopped it, so why didn't he? Perhaps he, also, has pals in the city? Or, more likely, is afraid to take the BIG decisions.

  3. I am sincerely disappointed with Ed on this. But Labour is now on an easy-winning 41 per cent, and I do expect this to be a manifesto pledge. I'll be quite amazed if it isn't. But I am disappointed.