Wednesday, 30 January 2013

The Modern Prometheus

Of course David Cameron has not read Frankenstein to the end. Of course David Cameron has not read Frankenstein at all. He probably thinks that it is the name of the monster, not of its creator. What does George Galloway imagine the Heir to Blair to be? A working-class autodidact like himself, who says "adumbrate"? Does he not watch Blandings?

Galloway was absolutely correct that we were encouraging and funding in Syria exactly the sort of people against whom we were gearing up for war in Mali, and defending in Mali a dictatorship hardly, if at all, better than the one in Syria.

But this will be as nothing when, as will very soon be the case, we are intervening in order to prop up our dear old Hashemite puppet monarchy in that part of Palestine east of the Jordan.  Against exactly the same people whom we are egging on, and rather more than egging on, in and around the Damascene capital of the Levant as a whole.


  1. I caught the end of PMQs and heard Galloway's question to Cameron. I was appalled at the sheer ignorance and nastiness of Cameron's response which was absolutely scandalous. Every day that passes makes it clearer and clearer that this man is unfit to be the prime minister of this country.

  2. Sir Peter Tapsell, the Father of the House, pointed out that it had taken the French 120 years to get out of Algeria.

    Cameron replied that he had no doubt tabled a question about it in the 1840s.

    Disgraceful. Absolutely disgraceful.

  3. Perhaps Dave is in training for a change of employment in 2015? With his increasingly offensive and abusive 'comedy' one-liners, he is, perhaps, rehearsing for his forthcoming appearances as a stand-up comic alongside the foul-mouthed, too-clever-by-half ignoramuses who are now polluting our TV programmes at every turn. Perhaps they now write his scripts? Move aside Frankie Boyle, here comes Despicable Dave, with his unique brand of posh put-downs. Anyone who disagrees with him must be humbled and silenced with abuse. He is now an out-of-control bully who is using deliberate intimidation and persecution of people in a weaker position. This is precisely what he is doing, and not only in parliament, but to the entire country. The man is now incapable of listening to anyone – not even to the sound advice from his own mother. The NHS, The EU, Gay marriage, Libya, Syria, Mali, and on it goes. Surely his party members will not tolerate him for much longer?

  4. But who else is there?

    He seems most like a more juvenile version of Jack Whitehall.

  5. There is always someone. Surely there must be somebody reasonably 'normal' in the ranks of the Tories? What has happened to people such as David Davis who seems reasonably personable and human? He gathered quite a few votes against Dave in the most recent leadership election. He certainly has much more about him in every respect that the pink-faced, shallow inhabitant of No. 10.

    Can there be a more juvenile version of Jack Whitehall? Is that possible? I suppose that Dave from Whitehall could be a reasonable comparison.