Friday, 24 September 2010

All Loonies Together

Ahmadinejad’s theories about 9/11 are exactly as sane as any belief in an Iranian nuclear weapons programme, or in such a programme’s threat to America or Britain even if it existed, or in “al-Qaeda”, or in “the global terrorist network”, or in “Taliban” distinct from the Pashtun as a whole, or in any connection between Afghanistan and 9/11, or in any connection between Iraq and 9/11, or in WMD in Iraq, or in such WMD as a threat to America or Britain even if they had existed, or that Obama was not born in America, or in anything peddled by the supporters of Lyndon LaRouche, one of whom is the Democratic nominee in the 22nd Congressional District of Texas. Except that Ahmadinejad (like, to be fair, LaRouche) has never started a war.

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  1. On the topic of Iraq and its supposed connections to al-Qaeda, some declassified interviews with Tariq Aziz show that Saddam Hussein was not interested in a partnership with Osama bin Laden (whom he despised) and did not trust Islamists in general. Apparently, the interviews were part of an FBI effort to find a link between Saddam and al-Qaeda after the war (I think the interviews were done in 2004).

    The big question here of course is why was the FBI looking for a link after the invasion? Shouldn’t that sort of work been done before the nation entered into an expensive and bloody war? Also, I am interested in how the neocons will spin this newest evidence against their claims.