Tuesday, 31 October 2006

It Seems To Us That He Lived His Life...

The following version of Candle In The Wind is by the admirable Ian Oakley:

Tony Blair: lapdog in the wind

He lived his life like a lapdog on drugs,
Licking George Bush's boots and doing what he was told.
The truth is he lied and lied and lied,
And tens of thousands Iraqis died.
He was a liar and a phoney who did Bush's bidding
When he is gone we will wish he had never beenLike a lapdog in the wind
Bye Bye Blair, I hope you lose all your hair.

I don't think it actually fits the tune: but what the hell?

Meanwhile, this one does, although its author has asked to remain annonymous:

Goodbye Tony Blair
Though we never knew you at all
You had no grace, just span your spin
While those around you fawned
You crawled out of the woodwork
On the back of ninety-seven
That set you on the treadmill
From which you had to change t’world

And it seems to me, you span that web
To bury all that ba-ad news
Never knowing (to) whom to listen
Until Bush got in
And I’d have liked you to leave earlier
But you just pushed right on
Any legend burned out long before
The memory ever will.

Afghanistan was tough
But then Iraq was tougher still
You plagiarised, lied and deceived
For there were no WMD’s
And even though you lied
We never questioned you
And we voted for you again
Now though its time to fade away.


Goodbye Tony Blair
From “terrorising” Walter Wolfgang
Thank goodness you are finally off for good
Only now we’ll have that bloody Brown


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