Tuesday 26 September 2006

Wish Him Luck As We Wave Him Goodbye?

I honestly didn't know whether to laugh or to cry when I saw those paid Labour Party employees at the front of the hall waving their ridiculous placards saying "Greatest PM Ever" and such like. Or indeed, when anyone applauded Blair at all, but no one attempted a citizen's arrest of this war criminal and peerage salesman (tune in to a Dispatches special at 8pm tonight on Channel Four).

The only things of note in his hour-long speech were his insistence that his foreign policy had had nothing to do with increasing the terrorist threat (they even applauded THAT! Have they been lobotomised, or have the no brains to lobotomise?) and his repeated call for identity cards with which to persecute trade unionists, environmentalists and peace activists while doing absolutely no good to anyone.

For the second year running, he did not even apologise to a Labour Party audience for losing Labour one hundred seats, and half the members that it had 10 years ago; nor to anyone for calling our democracy gravely into question by almost certainly bringing about a turnout below fifty per cent next time. Speaking of which, he brushed aside the very strong probability of a hung Parliament as if it did not exist.

Good riddance!

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