Tuesday, 12 June 2018

The Challenge To Tackle

As Baroness Newlove told the House of Lords yesterday: 

The challenge to tackle this issue is obviously for government but it is also for perpetrators. However, let me be clear that when I say perpetrators I do not mean only the children armed with knives or the gang leaders causing terror in our cities but also the middle-class drug users who are funding this wave of violence. City workers who drink their fairtrade coffee out of a reusable cup during the week think nothing of the supply chain of the stuff they snort up their noses at the weekend. In my view, they are as guilty as the moped riders.

We all feel for Charlotte and Billy Caldwell. If cannabis oil relieves his epilepsy, then it has an active ingredient that does so. That active ingredient needs to be identified and prescribed. When we need aspirin, then we do not simply take bark.

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