Friday, 8 June 2018

Straining At The Nats

What a prickly lot is the SNP. So utterly unused to criticism. And so convinced of its own entitlement.

So there are currently eight Conservative-Labour coalitions in local government? The phenomenon of Conservative-Labour coalitions in local government is 100 years old. At any point in that period, there has probably been at least one somewhere. 

Germany, Europe's largest economy and most populous country, has been run on much that basis since December 2013. The cards fall as they fall, and grown-up people are expected to do the grown-up thing. That, however, is too much for the perpetual adolescents of the SNP.

The SNP, a basically Thatcherite party with its most abiding electoral base in areas that have rarely or never elected Labour MPs, just assumed that it was entitled to first call on the support of Labour Councillors. 

Most people grow out of that kind of thing. But then, most people grow out of Thatcherism. And most people will grow out of the SNP. With significant losses in all three directions a year ago today, it is clear that that has already started.

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