Thursday, 7 June 2018

Resurgent Rubbish

NATO is having a meeting about something or other.

The Soviet Union was either a ramshackle operation that could not get food from one town to the next, or it was a military threat to Western Europe and even to North America. If either. We all know which of those was closer to the truth. So there never was any point to NATO. 

But it has always been quite the gravy train. So now we are told that "Russia" (which was not, in itself, the Soviet Union) is "resurgent", a proposition for which absolutely no evidence is ever produced. Yet even in these people's own terms, Russia cannot so much as send a bloke with a gun to Salisbury.

Remember all of this in relation to North Korea, which is at once barely electrified and a nuclear threat, or so we are expected to believe. For that matter, remember it in relation to anywhere and everywhere else.

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