Tuesday, 5 June 2018

Offences Against The Truth

A raped woman who sought an abortion in Northern Ireland would not face a longer sentence than her rapist would. Both offences carry maximum sentences of life imprisonment. There is no nice way of putting this: Stella Creasy is telling lies.

I have a lot of time for Stella Creasy. She has done sterling work against loan sharks and similar evils. But she has chosen to ally herself with people who will soon leave either or both of the House of Commons and the Labour Party.

They do not care tuppence about issues such as those, just so long as they get things like this. They tend to think of themselves as election-winners, but they last won a General Election 13 years ago. And their approach has brought their beloved American Democratic Party to the brink of oblivion after the candidate of their dreams managed to be defeated even by Donald Trump.

Stella Creasy is better than this. Or, at any rate, she used to be.

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