Tuesday, 5 June 2018

Lanchester Floodgate 2018

Although it carried on raining for quite some time after that, less than three hours of rain on Saturday afternoon was already enough to render Lanchester Front Street impassible. 

It used to rain for days before this happened, and it happened once in a blue moon. But in recent years, it has become something approaching an annual occurrence, and sometimes an event that occurs more than once in a year.

Our old friends at Durham County Council are clearly happy to see Lanchester go the way of Atlantis, while the Chosen One, so called because she was spookily exempted from any kind of selection process in order to become a parliamentary candidate, must be judged by whether or not the flood defences in Lanchester have been rendered even so much as merely adequate by the end of this Parliament.

The price of my support for any Government would be the necessary support for a number of projects in each of the former District Wards equal to the former number of District Councillors, together with justice for the 472 Teaching Assistants whose pay Durham County Council had cut by 23 per cent. Here in Lanchester, there is no doubt that one of those three projects would be proper flood defences.

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