Thursday, 7 June 2018

"How Much Will My Degree Make Me?"

That is exactly the wrong question.

Thank you, Tony Blair, for turning this country into a cultural wasteland even by its own previous standards.

For all the faults of the Corbyn Project, it does promise that the next Education Secretary will be Angela Rayner, who was too busy graduating from the University of Life when the Blair cultists were being spoilt rotten:

"The Labour Party was founded to ensure that the workers earned the full fruit of their labour. Well, the sum of human knowledge is the fruit of thousands of years of human labour.

"The discoveries of maths and science; the great works of literature and art; the arc of human and natural history itself; and so much more that there is to learn. All of it should be our common inheritance. Because knowledge belongs to the many, not the few.

"This is our historic purpose as a movement. Not just to be a voice for the voiceless. But to give them a voice of their own."

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