Tuesday, 5 June 2018

A Very Naughty Girl?

Via Facebook:

Durham Miners' Association is pleased to announce that the speakers at Durham Miners' Gala 2018 will include:

Jeremy Corbyn MP - Leader of the Labour Party 
Emily Thornberry MP - Shadow Foreign Secretary 
Frances O'Grady - General Secretary of the Trades Union Congress (TUC) 
Ian Lavery MP - Chair of the Labour Party 
Jennie Formby - General Secretary of the Labour Party 
Matt Wrack - General Secretary of the Fire Brigades Union 

Laura Pidcock MP will be the reader for the Miners' Festival Service in Durham Cathedral.

We may safely say that this does mean "reader" and not "preacher", since this reader is not a preacher in any religious organisation, and Durham Cathedral does have rules to keep, even if they are as broad as the rules in the Church of England.

Speakers, of course, write their own speeches, just as preachers write their own sermons. But readers just read out what is in front of them. Presumably, in this as in so many other cases, from the Bible.

She may be the Chosen One. But she is not the Messiah.

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