Monday, 12 February 2018

Things To Do On Darwin Day

On this Darwin Day, or indeed on any other day, read Darwin's Pious Idea, by Conor Cunningham. Take a look here. Look up Professor Simon Conway-Morris. Weep for the atheist philosophers who every year have to try and deprogram another batch of freshers who have read the bane, and effectively the denier, of their existence, Richard Dawkins.

And remember that "the survival of the fittest" is not a scientific proposition, but a philosophical one, which entirely fails in those terms, since it is tautologous, the only way to spot the fittest being the fact that they survive. Any atheist philosopher could tell you that. An atheist philosopher did tell me that. He was right.


  1. The paradox of increasing scientific knowledge is that evolutionary theory becomes less and less tenable without a designer at some points in the process.

    1. But beware of Intelligent Design. It seems to be a sort of Deism, and it therefore comes as no surprise that it is so popular in a country founded by Deists. Something that can vaguely be called "God" sets everything going, but then just leaves it alone, and therefore may as well not exist.

      ID is an example of the arrogant streak among lawyers and scientists. Rather than ask the clergy assigned to the sorts of parishes or congregations that contain lots of lawyers and scientists, they have instead concocted this for themselves. But it is not really any better than "the survival of the fittest", which is also the work of philosophical and theological illiterates, and which is also regarded as such by people who know what they are talking about, no matter how religious in the case of ID, and no matter how atheistic in the case of "the survival of the fittest".