Thursday, 8 February 2018

Literally Vital Work

Little Reichstag fires, to shut down dissent. Simon Henig faked a death threat against himself and dozens of other Councillors, a matter that is still being pursued, despite the absolutely total lack of evidence, as part of the attempt by Alison Saunders to secure for herself a Labour seat in one or other House of Parliament. If I am wrong, then let them sue me for libel.

Zac Goldsmith faked a death threat against a constituent. David Davis was brushed by a flag and called the Police. And Jacob Rees-Mogg had a real, live Nazi in his entourage initiate a fistfight for the cameras. Today, bolstered by that, Rees-Mogg turned up at Downing Street, to present a decidedly fishy "petition" demanding that the overseas aid target be scrapped.

The way to save the absolutely vital 0.7 per cent overseas aid target is to police where the money goes. We give aid to China, which has landed a rocket on the Moon. We also fund India's foreign aid budget precisely. As a result, India has the money for a mission to Mars. That's right, Mars. We are paying towards Nigeria's active aspiration to launch a rocket into space by 2028.

The Statute Law should specify that the United Kingdom's aid to any given country be reduced by the exact cost of any space programme, or of any nuclear weapons programme, or of any nuclear submarine programme, or of any foreign aid budget of that country's own. The money thus saved would, however, have to remain within the budget of the Department for International Development. With her Nigerian background, the highly capable Kate Osamor is ideally placed to make the case for this change.

She and Jeremy Corbyn also have the right background to address the scandal that we are arming the "Free Syrian Police", a branch of the "Free Syrian Army" about which some of us were screamed down for daring to warn you. And then there are the White Helmets. People always trust the first responders most, so setting up your own is always a good way in. We fund the White Helmets up to the hilt, while cutting our own emergency services to the bone.

We need to take the money from the "Free Syrian Police" and the White Helmets, and use it to ensure that those who were first on the scene at Grenfell Tower and at Westminster Bridge can once again afford to live anywhere near the places where they carry out their literally vital work.

The four plausible outcomes of the next General Election are, in descending order of likelihood, a hung Parliament with Labour as the largest party, a hung Parliament with the Conservatives as the largest party, an extremely small Labour overall majority, and an extremely small Conservative majority. In any of those events, it will be absolutely essential that there be at least one MP who will insist on all of the foregoing.

Make it happen, brothers and sisters. Make it happen.

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