Saturday, 3 February 2018

Get It Right

Jacob Rees-Mogg, who is in any case quite likely to lose his own seat, is never going to secure enough nominations to get on the ballot for Leader of the Conservative Party. The same is true of Boris Johnson, who has already tried and failed once, and whose seat is also now within a hair's breadth of turning red.

Since Gavin Williamson continues to control the Whips' Office, he will be the only candidate when Theresa May stands down. If that did not happen until after the next General Election, then Rees-Mogg and Johnson would very plausibly not be there, anyway.

These are simply the facts of life.


  1. People said the same about J Corbyn before he became Labour leader. Before that, he was a nobody with no support among Labour MPs who’d never been near the front bench. But these are different times. P Hitchens has often called for a “conservative Jeremy Corbyn.”

    Mr Rees-Mogg fits the bill perfectly. He has the same conviction and independence of mind as Corbyn and he’s far more knowledgeable, clever and articulate than Corbyn.

    1. And he would never get the nominations to get on the ballot. It's not going to happen. It just isn't.

  2. And Boris Johnson only “failed” because he stood down from the race when Gove stabbed him in the back.