Thursday, 1 February 2018

Force The Hand

I am very glad that Darren Osborne has been convicted. Now to prosecute him for conspiring to murder Jeremy Corbyn. As much as anything else, that would bring out in court the full facts of where, when, and from whom he got the idea to do so.

But do not hold your breath. It took the threat of a private prosecution by a charity for the Crown Prosecution Service to act against Alison Chabloz, whom Google if you have to. Is there anything comparable that might force the hand of the CPS in this case? Might it even be possible to crowdfund such an action?

Of course, there has been no need of any of that for the CPS to persecute me as part of its Director's search for a Labour seat in one or other House of Parliament. There are a dozen more cases like mine around the country, earning points towards making her either Alison Saunders MP or Baroness Saunders.

Similarly, Poppi Worthington's father has not been charged, nor will he be. But I have been. The case of Toby Young demonstrated, not for the first time, the commonality between those two interests, that of Darren Osborne and Alison Chabloz, and that of Paul Worthington. A commonality that stretches to the very highest levels of public life in this country.

Think on.

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