Monday, 12 February 2018

Aiding and Abetting

George Soros protests that Rupert Murdoch is not British, either. That is a fair point, but Murdoch does not directly fund political campaigns in this country. More perniciously, Soros wants his own propagation of the ideas of Karl Popper to become what the British media already treat them as being: the Left to what is treated as an equally respectable Right exemplified by Toby Young's London Conference on Intelligence.

That latter is not treated as too far gone in one direction, while that former is treated as being as far in the other direction as it is permissible to go at all. Welcome to British politics in the 20 years before Jeremy Corbyn. Welcome to the British politics that the official print and broadcast media still depict. Welcome to Britain before the areas that had suffered most as a result of this arrangement cast the decisive votes to swing the EU referendum for Leave. Welcome to the only Britain that the official London media are capable of portraying.

The London Conference on Intelligence is hosted by the world class University College London, so those driven to online hysteria by that institution's discovery of Cheddar Man's skin colour need not despair that their perspective is unrepresented, whether there or at the very heart of government.

We laugh at the nomination of Arthur Jones, and perhaps a little health-heartedly at the sight of Heinz-Christian Strache in "the only ruling coalition in Western Europe to include the Far Right". In so doing, and in so describing, the land of Toby Young, of the European Research Group, of the Ulster Resistance, and of the machinations that changed the colour of the parliamentary seat at Belfast South, manifests its legendary inability to see the wood from the trees.

Still, Jones would be welcome to join Strache and the Ulster Resistance among those who, having been made aware, have not denied their intention to come and campaign for Jayda Fransen against me at North West Durham. My own expectation, although it is no more than that, is that while the Americans (Steve Bannon, Roy Moore, perhaps now Arthur Jones) will not turn up, the Europeans (Marine Le Pen, Geert Wilders, Heinz-Christian Strache) probably will and certainly should. As should Toby Young. And as should his associate, Emil Kirkegaard. If they do not, then they are simply frightened of me.

Over on the other officially recognised side, we see the ongoing collapse of neoliberal, neoconservative Big Charity. That is the the world of Bernard Kouchner and his acceptance of the position of Foreign Minister under Nicolas Sarkozy. That is the world of Brendan Cox and his use of his late wife's Foundation to fund the White Helmets. That is the world that talks of "sex work" and which takes a hazy view of ages of consent, not least because it makes so much money out of abortion.

If colossal sums of public money are indeed to be withdrawn from Oxfam and others, then who is going to get them instead? Where are our aid agencies? At least ours would be real ones. And if we do not do seize this opportunity, then we all know who will. We should have been the ones bypassing the Liberal Establishment in academia and the media, and the right-wing Labour machine in local government, in order to gain representation for ourselves and our people in the new educational order. 

But instead, the 90 per cent publicly funded, almost completely inactive New Schools Network is still paying £90,000 per annum to Toby Young of Emil Emil Kirkegaard's London Conference on Intelligence. The best that we can do is complain to the Charity Commission. As I shall be doing. If Young and Kirkegaard do not like it, then I look forward to seeing them on the stump. Now, where are our aid agencies? There is money to be had.

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