Wednesday, 29 November 2017

Something In The Air

At Prime Minister's Questions, peddling the latest anti-Russian hysterical nonsense, was Damian Collins, a stalwart of the Henry Jackson Society. Standing in for Theresa May, Damian Green wholeheartedly agreed with him. Well, of course. The Henry Jackson Society wants to subsume Britain into a single EU defence capability under day-to-day German but overall American control, something that presupposes a Russia-baiting German Government and an American Administration such as Hillary Clinton would have headed.

Within that, it wants to abolish the RAF, whose hundredth birthday Green was ostensibly so keen to celebrate. Denying a country an air force is a time-honoured way of emphasising that it has been defeated and that it is under occupation. We have been defeated, and we are under occupation, by Damian Green, Damian Collins, and the Henry Jackson Society. But the liberation struggle has begun.

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