Thursday, 16 November 2017


Owen Smith won Scotland, so it really will be significant if Richard Leonard does so. In the meantime, the SNP has lost Westminster seats in all three directions, indicating the electorate's desire to move on from the constitutional question to issues of more immediately pressing concern.

Richard Leonard offers the chance, at long last, to make the Scottish debate, not about the question of independence, but about the abject failures of both the Conservatives and the SNP in relation to the causes and effects of economic inequality. Thereby, as much as anything else, exposing the bizarre claim of the SNP, as a party, to be any part of the Left, even while standing firm for international peace. 

For example, had I the money, then I would bring an action before the High Court of Justiciary of Scotland, asking it to exercise its declaratory power against Tony Blair and his accomplices in relation to their crime of aggression against Iraq in 2003. At worst, the Court could say no. Perhaps Richard Leonard might accompany me?

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