Monday, 20 November 2017

Chinese Whispers No More

Nothing that is happening in Zimbabwe would be doing so with at least the permission of China. Such is now the way of the world.

George Osborne, for all his many faults, did understand that. He was right to accede this country to the Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank, and it is a pity that he never tied that in with the Northern Powerhouse. His Editorship of the Evening Standard is obviously with a view to standing for Mayor of London, so perhaps he will have more opportunity for joined up thinking there?

He needs to be matched by a candidate who understands that every corner of these Islands, including the Crown Dependencies, needs to be integrated into the Belt and Road Initiative, as do each and all of the British Overseas Territories, with all tax havens closed, and with the Chagos Islands resettled by their rightful inhabitants.

Those tax havens include the City of London, the most urgent need for the reform of which is being thrown into increasingly sharp relief. But Labour has had some success there in the recent past, despite the jaw-dropping electoral system. And candidates for Mayor of London have to be nominated by at least 10 local government electors in each of the 32 Boroughs and in the City. Sadiq Khan, Siân Berry and George Galloway all managed that last year. Those 30 people are there.

Are there also people in Jersey, Guernsey or the Isle of Man who joined the Labour Party because of Jeremy Corbyn? Are there even branches of Momentum in those places? Might it be difficult to set up such branches? The voting age in all three is 16, and since Labour does not organise in the Crown Dependencies, then it ought not to be a problem to observe custom and practice by standing candidates as Independents.

As for Osborne, even he was better than his successor who denies the very existence of unemployment. Although, in his own terms, he has a point. His definition of unemployment is "claiming JSA". If he simply took, or ordered, everyone off JSA, then hey presto, there would be no unemployment. Keep on eye on that one. But don't fall for it.

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