Monday, 13 November 2017

Kaleidoscope Eyes

Tonight at nine, on ITV,  Gone to Pot: American Road Trip. "John Fashanu, Pam St Clement, Christopher Biggins, Bobby George and Linda Robson explore the pros and cons of legalising marijuana, beginning in San Francisco and heading down to Santa Cruz. Continues on Wednesday." How did anyone ever come up with the idea for this? That question answers itself.


  1. Peter Hitchens tears apart George Galloway's disgraceful Soviet Union apologetics on the BBC.

    Isn't it incredible that prominent leftists defend the world's worst ever tyranny while condemning Thatcher because she rightly called the ANC a terrorist organisation?

    1. He is just being true to his Trotsktyist roots on that one, as he often is. They are quite good friends, you know, and many of their admirers are the same people.

      Don't do South Africa, dear boy, you are out of your depth. In fact, overall, you are just copying and pasting people in Eastern Europe and elsewhere with some very "colourful" connections. Don't. Just don't.

      On topic, please.