Monday 11 March 2013

The Pryce of Power

I cannot help feeling that Vicky Pryce has just made a very good career move. Eight months really mean four. She'll be out in time for the Party Conference season...

But her husband very nearly made the ultimate career move. "Oh, well, that's just the Lib Dems for you," we may say, and some people are saying precisely that. "If you ever thought that you were going to be Prime Minister, then you would never have got your wife to take your speeding points."

Really? Chris Huhne always did believe that he would become Prime Minister, because he was Chris Huhne. The party that he led would be the party of government, because it was the party led by Chris Huhne.

If, as so very nearly happened, he had become Leader of the Liberal Democrats, then in the event of the hung Parliament of 2010, he would done a Lloyd George and made his own Premiership the condition of any coalition.

The Conservatives of a certain generation were by then so desperate for office that they would have said yes. And then, and then, and then.

Now, that would have been a story.

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  1. Believing he was bound to become Prime Minister because he was himself puts me in mind of someone, but I can't think who.