Monday 11 March 2013

Happy Commonwealth Day

God Save The Queen.

And don't worry about "The Commonwealth Charter", whatever that may be.

However, it might be no bad thing if there were to be Tribunes, by definition three in number, with one elected to embody the most fundamental principles of each of the Conservative (or, better, Tory), the Liberal and the Labour (if you like, Socialist) traditions in the United Kingdom.

Most British people have aspects of each of them, as have all three main parties. Therefore, the elections, though and because strictly non-partisan, would be by universal suffrage. Each of the Tribunes would have a veto on all legislation unless overturned by a two-thirds majority of the House of Commons.

Codifying the fundamental principles would be an important national exercise, so long as atrocities against the English language such the Preamble to the Liberal Democrat Constitution, or the new Clause IV, were allowed nowhere within a hundred miles of it.

The old Clause IV, though well-written by Sidney Webb, was nevertheless the means by which he wrote the Fabian tradition into the Labour Party Constitution, so that everything else had become part of the party culture rather than part of the party programme.

Tony Crosland then recast Labour's mission as cultural and social rather than as economic and mutual, since he felt that the working class no longer existed; in fact, in 2013, 60 per cent of the population once again defines itself as such. But thus had begun the party's turn to social liberalism. And out of that had come Thatcher.

But one thing is as certain as the fact that at least the Tory one would contain a commitment to traditional family life founded on the marital union of one man and one woman (as would at least the Labour or Socialist one, if it were to have any historical accuracy, or any recognition of the character of its electorate): contra Thatcher, any summary of the fundamental principles of the main British political traditions would in all three cases include the strongest possible commitment to the Commonwealth.

Happy Commonwealth Day.

God Save The Queen.


  1. Which Tribune would you be?

  2. Which one do you think he should be, and why?