Friday, 26 October 2012

Maggie's Boys

Legally or otherwise, can you imagine someone who carried on with 16-year-old girls making it past all of MI5, Special Branch and the Whips Office in order to become Parliamentary Private Secretary to the Prime Minister?

Thanks to David Cameron, as of this month if Sir Peter Morrison were still alive then he would be guilty of no offence for having had sex with a 16-year-old boy. Even though it was a crime at the time that he did it. Give that a moment to sink in.

And to which Prime Minister was Morrison Parliamentary Private Secretary? Why, to none other than the Prime Minister whose all 11 New Year's Eves in that office were spent at Chequers with a very special guest. To wit, one Jimmy Savile. Gary Glitter was also a strong supporter of Thatcher's, including financially.

Possessed of every file on any of them, Margaret Thatcher surrounded herself with these people. As with Hillsborough, she must be made answerable for that fact. A fact which gives particularly stark illustration to the true relationship between the 1960s and the ludicrously alleged counter-revolution of the 1980s.


  1. I thought Watson has denied on his website that it wasn't Morrison he was referring to?

    Or was that a denial that wasn't really a denial? I never can tell.....

  2. Oh, Tom is talking about someone else, a fact which in itself speaks yet more volumes about Thatcher. But Edwina Currie, proving that everyone comes in useful in the end, was talking openly about Morrison. And in any case, this has been uncommonly common knowledge since time immemorial. Love to know who Tom meant, though. Soon enough, we all will.

  3. Charles Moore in the Spectator (for the second week running) and Peter Wilby in the New Statesman are both saying this week that Savile was innocent. Do they just hate Damian Thompson as much as you do or could there be more to it than that? Moore could be protecting Thatcher but no way is Wilby doing that.

  4. Twenty years from now, there will either be some eye-popping on all of this (not the events themselves, but the exposure and its handling), or else no one will dare mention it. It will be one or the other.