Sunday, 21 October 2012

Burning Currie

John Major settled out of court, and therefore never gave evidence under oath, when he sued over an accusation that he was an adulterer.

But the woman with whom he really had committed adultery went into the witness box and was awarded damages over a mere insinuation that she was an adulteress. Yet her recent published diaries, like her earlier ones, confirm that she was in fact precisely that.

And now, Jimmy Savile. Currie, lest we forget, was later a noted campaigner to lower the age of consent. As to this incident, the best that she can say is that she could hardly have refused to appoint so very close a personal friend of her ultimate boss, Baroness Thatcher of Hillsborough.


  1. My personal favourite from you on this was when you said that Savile must have been innocent because Damian Thompson said he was guilty. Priceless. I laughed so hard that my biretta nearly fell off.

    Everyone who is anyone does of course fully share your insight that you last book was effectively suppressed by Thompson despite containing the information on which his latest column heavily relies about Harriet Harman and the Paedophile Information Exchange. Borderline plagiarism to add to everything else distasteful about him.

    Thompson, Harman, Currie, Rantzen, Thatcher: the Hill's Angels from Hell to Jimmy Savile's Benny.

  2. Heavens, what an image!

    One writes in order to be read. And if Thompson has plagiarised anyone, then he has plagiarised Martin Beckford, with whom I was in touch over this story for several years before it finally appeared in print, but to whose previous publication of it in the same newspaper Thompson's column makes no reference.

    This truly shocking story has now appeared twice in the country's biggest-selling broadsheet. Yet it is still unable to gain the slightest traction, and that despite the fact that everyone in Harman's own party apart from Polly Toynbee (if she is a member) wants rid of her, with several potential Deputy Leaders chomping at the bit.

    It is all very odd. Very, very, very odd, indeed.