Sunday, 2 January 2011


Over on Neil Clark’s American Conservative article about Auberon Waugh, Oliver Kamm is at it again, among other things accusing that organ of being “outside the political mainstream”. Kamm’s definition of “the political mainstream” is “the people who were wrong about the war against the women of Iraq, against the Christians of Iraq, and against the Anglophile middle class of Iraq”.

Having previously been wrong about the wars against the women, Christians, and Anglophile middle class of Yugoslavia, of course. (That is the note on which Kamm can never forgive Neil for having given his book, not even a bad review, but merely one that was not as unconditionally glowing as he felt that he was entitled to. He or his acolytes have been persecuting Neil ever since, as he or they also persecute me for daring to exist at all when he has specifically instructed me not to. I mean, who do I think I am?)

And having long, long, long been wrong about the never-ending war against the Christians and the redoubtable old British allies in the Holy Land. Even though he now lies in the graveyard behind the Murdoch paywall, Kamm can still tolerate no dissent from the global war of terror against Christians, which is secondarily also a war of terror against anyone who has ever seen much or any point to Britain, the country and culture that neocons dislike more than any other.

He continues to define his own never-popular position as “the political mainstream” even though we now have a Prime Minister who openly wishes that he had voted against the genocide of Christian and Anglophile Mesopotamia, a Leader of the Opposition who would have done so if he had been an MP at the time, and a Deputy Prime Minister who actually did.

But more than that, he still feels moved to spring back to life whenever a platform is given, even somewhere that he at least purports to regard as beyond the fringe, to anyone who has ever failed to bow the knee unconditionally to him while humbly shielding the eyes from his dazzling brilliance.

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