Tuesday, 25 January 2011

What You Won't Be Told

About Lebanon: Najib Miqati is a Sunni, and was Prime Minister in the transitional government that led up to the 2005 parliamentary elections. His party, Harakat Majd, is predominantly Sunni, and was not a member of the March 8 Alliance at the time of the 2009 elections. He has been brought to power by the Druze of the Progressive Socialist Party, led by Walid Jumblatt. Those rioting against his "coup" are bankrolled by Saudi Arabia.

About Jordan: Coming right when Fatah is exposed as a bunch of sell-outs who had been prepared to give almost all of Jerusalem, even including the entire Armenian Quarter, to a State which denies citizenship to ethnic Jews baptised in infancy (despite the deaths of such Jews in the Holocaust), this is the moment for the Christian leaders to fill the gap throughout the viable Palestinian State created on both sides of the Jordan in 1948. That gap will otherwise be filled by Hamas and the Muslim Brotherhood, and the means of filling it was set out here yesterday in this post, which, shall we say, has attracted some attention...

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  1. Thank you so much for this, and for keeping up the fight against NeoCon Coughlin over these issues. If he and Nile Gardiner ever visited Britain, they might be able to understand the hostility from everyone below the line who lives on this side of the Atlantic. When is anyone going to ask Sharon Thompson why she wants to exterminate all the Christians in the Middle East? She must do, or she would not employ that pair.