Monday, 17 January 2011

Still Cross

I have just been shown the latest edition of the Northern Cross. By means of the old trick of using the word "include" in order to avoid mentioning someone, it omits from its list of Catholic MPs in the North East the one whose constituency includes the old Irish stronghold of Consett, the old Recusant stronghold of Esh, and, for the moment, Ushaw College.

You see, the Northern Cross, distributed almost, if almost, exclusively on Catholic church premises, desperately wanted this seat to go to a supporter of partial-birth abortion, although it did not care which one. Subscription to that position is in fact required for inclusion on a Labour all-women shortlist, from which Catholics are therefore, and intentionally, banned by the Labour Party. But the Northern Cross refused to print this fact, cheerfully colluding in what looked at that time to be the condemnation of this constituency to such an infanticidal MP.

However, as a result of the same activities, an exception had to be made in this case, so that the MP here is now Pat Glass, practising Catholic and valiant defender of Ushaw College. Much to what is still the obvious chagrin of the Northern Cross.


  1. Isn't it in some sort of trouble?

  2. Shhhh...

    I'm not discussing that on here, dear. I don't think they know themselves. But a certain sort of sentimental value usually saves this sort of thing in the nick of time, no matter what.

    But as I say, we are not having any discussion of that on here. Gossip, sweetie. Just gossip...

  3. Northern Catholic18 January 2011 at 15:02

    A dimly remembered affection for the glory days has kept the thing going against all the odds for decades, despite the best efforts of the people in charge. Very like the Western Church as a whole.

    Would that affection still exist if anyone still read it rather than only liking to know that is still there even though they do not read it?

  4. They hate you being educated and daring to want to be someone. The bad old Church, the bad old Press. Remember that whenever you anyone wax sentimental about the Church in the 50s or the golden age of newsprint.