Sunday, 30 January 2011

Kick Them Both Out

Free our economic, social, cultural and political life from Rupert Murdoch, sent packing along with each and every one of his courtier politicians and his bent coppers.

And free our economic, social, cultural and political life from domination by football, a pursuit which would be of no interest to at least half of men and at least two thirds of women even if it were not now the means whereby the well-heeled patronisingly pretended to admire barely literate, drunken, drug-addled, prostitute-frequenting wife-beaters and gang rapists because they confirmed every prejudice about a certain social class. As do the WAGs, who are now the real point of English football, and the supreme example of how our popular culture has mostly been turned into what homosexual men think that heterosexual women should like. There really is nothing camper than football: the figure usually held up as our greatest living footballer is noted for wearing a skirt in public and for wearing his domineering wife's knickers in private.

This double opportunity will not come again.


  1. Goodbye Murdoch, goodbye Fox News contributors from non-Murdoch blogging sites whose editors are tarting for Murdoch work? Thank you and good night, Con Coughlin and Nile Gardiner?

  2. Yes, I too have wondered why the Telegraph/Spectator stable gives such prominence to characters most notable for their appearances on the bitter competition.

    There is a school of thought that Con Coughlin does not exist: any old rubbish by the more downmarket elements within spookery is published under a Police-supplied picture of some wino found dead on the street.