Thursday, 27 January 2011

What Is The World Coming To?

Neil Clark writes:

MI6 is supposed to protect the British state and spy on and counter Britain’s enemies. But has Hamas ever threatened Britain, or is it ever likely to? Have we really got to the stage where Israel's enemies automatically become ours? If Mossad, or the Palestine Authority‘s secret agents, or the CIA want to engage in anti-Hamas activity, it’s their concern. But not ours.

So what on earth was MI6 doing drawing up 'secret plans for a wideranging clampdown on Hamas', as revealed by the Guardian?
And guess how this all began?

"Alistair Crooke, a former MI6 officer who also worked for the EU in Israel and the Palestinian territories, said the British documents reflected a 2003 decision by Tony Blair to tie UK and EU security policy in the West Bank and Gaza to a US-led "counter-insurgency surge" against Hamas – which backfired when the Islamists won the Palestinian elections in 2006."

In today's paper Seumas Milne writes:

"As we also now know, British intelligence and government officials have been at the heart of the western effort to turn the PA into an Iraqi-style counter-insurgency operation against Hamas and other groups that continue to maintain the option of armed resistance to occupation. Shielded from political accountability at home, how exactly does British covert support for detention without trial of Palestinians by other Palestinians promote the cause of peace and security in the Middle East, or anywhere else?"

Yet another question for Middle East 'Peace Envoy' Mr Tony Blair, who, not content with all the bloodshed he has caused, is now doing all he can to propagandise for a war with Iran.

One expects this sort of thing from the Thatcher and Blair-loving white van men (no offence to white van men) of the other lot. But MI6? What is the world coming to?


  1. We need more soundly Arabist Durham men who believe in Outremer rather than in the Stern Gang, and who would never be seen dead in a clip-on bow tie. Standards are slipping.

  2. Anyone who has ever heard of Outremer knows how to tie a real bow tie.

  3. Look at their principal media outlet. You and Gerald Warner gone, Nile Gardiner and Con Coughlin still there. From Torygraph to Telavivagraph. From real bow ties to clip ons.

  4. We are in danger of straying off topic. Let's not.