Friday, 28 January 2011

Fool Academies

Poor old Michael Gove. So few people want anything to do with what were supposed to have been his hugely popular "free" schools and Blair Continuity Academies that he is going to have to compel all new schools to be one or the other, whether anyone involved likes it or not.

Remember, setting up these things was the only specific policy on which the Conservative Party fought the last General Election. And it was invented by David Miliband when he was working in Tony Blair's office.


  1. The late Michael Gove, author of Celsius 7/7. Like the late Douglas Murray, the late Oliver Kamm or the late Melanie Phillips, yesterday's man. We are all High Tory realists now. Including Old Labour High Tory realists like the godfathers, the newly ubiquitous Neil Clark and the soon to be ubiquitous David Lindsay.

  2. It's true, Neil is now all over the place. You should be next, if everything goes according to plan.

    Looks like your complaint earlier this month that the McTernans, Rentouls and Kamms of the world were inexplicably kept on was slightly too strong. McTernan cannot have long now. Rentoul's column is now so bitter and predictable that he will doubtless be put out to graze. Is Kamm still alive? You would never know if he was.

    Over on the right, Murray will never be an MP after telling people to vote Labour in the seat where he lived, like Kamm telling them to vote Tory for the same reason, Iraq. You never see him on telly any more, do you?

    Fox's dodgy Spad and general loose cannon qualities should get rid of him soon enough. Osborne will just have to be sacked for other reasons to save the government, the way Lamont was. Gove will most likely quit as his schools policy falls apart and Hague pursues a foreign policy he does not remotely approve of.

    The future belongs to us, David. The nearer and nearer future.

  3. You are right, whatever happened to Douglas "Vote Labour" Murray? Or, indeed, to Oliver "Vote Tory" Kamm?

    Untouchable as parliamentary candidates for the parties to which they profess allegiance, why don't they apply to become People's Peers? If they really were anything like as distinguished as they claim to be, then they would walk it.

    So, are they not really that distinguished after all? Or do they regard participation in the parliamentary process as beneath them?

  4. Doubt at least one them would give anywhere but the House as his address in Who's Who. Considering on whom your protective mates are prepared to set the Phalange or the PFLP (founded by a Greek Orthodox, I think I first read that on here), I shudder to think what they would do to Lord Kamm if they ever found out where he lived.

  5. You are a man who needs and deserves such protection, Mr Lindsay. Your work is too important to be left vulnerable to the forces of darkness and you would never sully yourself with them, so we have to do it for you.

    We assume that you have seen the news about that Birbalsingh woman closing down the school that was paying her salary at the time. Now the more money, less work media starlet that she did it to become. At least until the Telegraph blogs editor cottons on that she is a wog and sacks hers accordingly.

  6. A full post about her has just gone up.