Friday, 22 October 2010

Minaret Hamlets?

It seems at least as reasonable to assume that the Islamists and the Bengali communalists voted, in what are therefore their mercifully small numbers, for the other bloke, whom Labour had imposed specifically as a Muslim and a Bengali, over the head of a white candidate with more votes.

Now, how about some investigation into the staggeringly level of infiltration of this country's principal governing party by Hard Leftists, Welsh separatists, Islamists, Hindu nationalists, supporters of Sikh terrorism, and numerous others besides, all welcomed with open arms by David Cameron?

Or into the direction of the revived "casual" subculture of football hooligans by the American Tea Party and by the Israeli Hard Right, one of whom is that country's Foreign Minister, with all its implications for any Conservative revival in urban areas and among the lower middle class or the people who wish that they were, not least with a view to the London Mayoral Election?

That would be a start, anyway. How about some attention to the Prime Minister, to his party and to its supporters?

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