Thursday, 28 October 2010

Beyond Suspicion

Last year, no one stopped for "terrorism" under the Sus Laws was even so much as arrested. Those Laws' real targets, like that of all these things, are altogether elsewhere.

But of course MI6 does not use torture. Perhaps even the commoners down the corridor do not, if only because they are too busy working on their silly television programme. And those days are certainly gone under the aegis of the FCO. David Miliband is a thing of the past.

Taking with him his Mossad methods and personnel, the former as taught by the latter (who had learned them from the Nazis) to every nasty regime in Seventies and Eighties Latin America. New Jersey and Pennsylvania, you have been warned. Occupied Territory, indeed. Just ask them in MI6. They remember Irgun, and Lehi, and all that. One of the reasons why they would never stoop to that level.


  1. SAD - Spooky Arabist Durham, and David Lindsay is the ultimate SAD Man. Most students never see it and nor do most academics if the SADders, among other people Lindsay always seems to be connected to, keep them out of the SCRs where everything is really decided over dinner outside working hours.

    Lindsay only seems to have got in largely because of it, super-SAD Senior Tutor had been in "Palestine" with his dad and all that. Been there ever since, staff library card, staff email addres same as his student one was, "Academic/management staff" with no explantion on university directory, now even President of a fucking SCR!

    The best dressed and best addressed full time blogger in the world, you don't get suits or a house like that on the dole. This university has a spook recruiter in every department and every college, it is awash with Emirates money and it has a "memorandum of understanding" with Iran. SAD, SAD, SAD, SAD, SAD.

  2. Please do not swear on my blog.

    "keep them out of the SCRs where everything is really decided over dinner outside working hours"