Thursday, 10 June 2010

An Excellent Selection

By far the best news from yesterday's Select Committee elections was that Scottish Affairs will be chaired by Ian Davidson, Co-operative stalwart, no friend of the EU, and not only one of the numerous Labour MPs from Scotland (and Wales) who will have voted No to devolution in the privacy of a polling booth, but one of the few who has gone on to take seriously the continuing role of the Parliament of the United Kingdom in exercising overall responsibility, as critically as necessary, for the affairs of devolved bodies.

Blessed with the gift for a sharp turn of phrase, expect to hear a lot more from Davidson, not only while the present do-nothing Executive limps to its conclusion, but also once the Tories and the Lib Dems have between them taken more votes than the SNP (as happened last month) and the overall majority at Holyrood is made up of his own party's failed Westminster and Strasbourg hopefuls, semi-retired Westminster and Strasbourg wallpaper, incompetent office staff, and councillors whose Council Leaders wanted rid of them.


  1. This is Iain Davidson who applied to be a Labour candidate for the Scottish Parliament but was rejected thanks to the machinations of Rosemarie McKenna - despite him having a nice safe seat at Westminster?

    Some anti-devolutionist!

    You really are an ignorant Scotophobic bahm.

  2. No, you are a purveyor of absurd SNP gossip. And you can't spell his name correctly.

  3. Whatever!

    Please keep showing your ignorance!!!!!!

    You must be raging!

  4. Unbiased sources, of course...

    Have you ever heard him on the subject? Have you ever even heard your own on the subject of him?

    But, of course, the only Real Scots are the SNP, the fixed electoral ghetto of people who pine for an all-white and all-Protestant Scotland. A party which now picks up no votes at all except from people who would never dream of voting any other way, and fewer votes than the Tories and the Lib Dems combined.

    Where are the 20 seats? What's that, you didn't make a single gain?

  5. "But, of course, the only Real Scots are the SNP, the fixed electoral ghetto of people who pine for an all-white and all-Protestant Scotland."

    Like the late Bashir Ahmad or Linda Fabiani for instance. Or my local SNP candidate at the last election Kaukab Stewart?

    Or Councillor Vettraino on Fife Council. Or Councillor Stefan Tynkewycz of Edinburgh Council perhaps!

    Rage, rage!

    In this game of political chess, i really am dealing with an unarmed man.

    See yah!

  6. Perhaps letting in people like that is why no one votes for you anymore? That has happened to the BNP.