Thursday, 29 May 2008

Mary Whitehouse

Right all along?

Yes, pretty much.

A bit OTT sometimes, perhaps. But then, look what she was up against.

Although there were a few errors in last night's drama, such as giving Lord Hill a nameplate reading "Lord Charles Hill", as if he had been the self-styled "Lord Michael Ashcroft" or "Lord Michael Levy". Like both Ashcroft and Levy, Hill was neither the son of a duke nor the son of a marquess. But unlike both Ashcroft and Levy, he knew it.


  1. Media Watch UK (as it now is) would make an excellent partner for the BPA.

  2. I don't know if they have that sort of money (although I wouldn't be surprised). I have known one of the committee members for many years.

  3. She saw through Blair early on, too. I remember a letter from her in one of the papers just before the 97 Election, saying that she had never been a member of any party and had voted Labour in her time, but couldn't really see the point of Blair and wouldn't be voting for him.