Thursday, 22 May 2008

"Every Child A Wanted Child"

Remember that one? Yet a child in Birmingham seems to have been starved to death out of sheer neglect. Like "no more gymslip mothers", or the claim that abortions would decline as contraceptives became universally available (the exact opposite of what has happened in every society where abortion and contraception have been implemented - every single one), it was at best a fantasy, and really just a lie.


  1. It was actually this very slogan that Thickie-of-the-Week Edward Leigh was coming up with on Channel 4 News last week to argue against "saviour siblings".

    With allies like this...

  2. He was probably trying to use the other side's arguments against it.

    Leigh is an interesting figure, the last representative of the English recusant gentry who formed much of the backbone of the Court Party even though they could not actually sit in Parliament at the time.