Friday, 23 May 2008

Dispatch This

With regard to this week's much talked about Dispatches, Oliver McCarthy writes:

Mr Modell repeatedly stated that their views were "offensive", without explaining why. At one point he seemed to be implying that Andrea Williams thought that Islam was Satanic, having apparently confused her views with those of Stephen Green. Her actual position, that Islam is a "false religion", is almost certainly one that Mr Modell himself shares (unless he is actually a secret Muslim with a hidden agenda and did not see fit to make the viewer aware of this). Given that he was clearly intent on making a documentary geared towards the thesis that Christianity is a false religion, it's hard to see where the "offence" might lie.

All I saw in his documentary was a small group of mainly elderly anti-abortion protesters, some of whom were a bit noisy but who taken together were massively outnumbered (and out-shouted!) by the younger, more agressive pro-abortionists. So where does the real political muscle of the future lie? And why not make a documentary full of crude people making foul-mouthed remarks about Christianity? Just googling "Nadine Dorries" would give Mr Modell plenty of material.

I might add that Dorries is not a Catholic. She is a (divorced) occasional attendee at the Church of England, and a supporter of unrestricted access to abortion in the first trimester.


  1. Quite right. Dorries is all right up to a point, but if the Tories want to build the sort of coalition that the Republicans have, then they are going to have to do a lot better than her. That coalition has delivered nothing for pro-life and precious little for pro-family, anyway.

  2. I had hoped for some kind of realignment of traditional Catholics and Anglicans to oppose the continuous liberal drift.

    But, with church hierarchies in the hands of downright progressives and wishy-washy time-servers, this can only be done by indendent groups.

    Refusing the sacraments to those working against Christian principles is very rare indeed. Look at the Blairs.

  3. Ally with us, Oliver.

    The circulation of David's material among the choicer of us Ulster Protestants is really making waves.