Thursday, 22 May 2008

In League With The Devil

Last night's Newsnight was disgraced by the presence of Robert Kagan, a thoroughly undesirable alien inexplicably allowed into this country. He was on to talk about his donkey-daft idea for a "League of Democracies" excluding anywhere with a government not palatable to him and his neocon mates. Thank God that Israel no longer makes this cut, and that the United States will also very soon fail to do so.


  1. It's hard to see how member-state of the EU could possibly qualify either.

  2. Not as democracies, no. But as neocon-approved "democracies", of course. The EU is a key neocon project, from its Maoist turned "free"-marketeering and Bush-loving President down.

  3. Zounds! Those neocons! They get everywhere.

    Can I just point out that the neoconservatives have nothing to do with the European Union whatsoever? The EU stands for the exact opposite of what the neocons want. The neocons want strong states, the EU wants states that are weak and have virtually no power or authority over their own citizens. The two ideologies couldn't possibly be more different.

    But David is there anything you don't like that you don't attribute to the "neocons"? (Is "neocon" just a modern version of "Judaeo-Masonic conspiracy"?)

  4. Certainly not.

    The EU wants to be a strong State as you describe, and the neoconservative movement is simply continuing the American pursuit of that end ever since the 1940s.

    Take, for example, the Henry Jackson Society, which openly advocates a single EU defence "capability" under overall American control.