Wednesday, 21 May 2008

Israel Is Simply Facing Reality

Within Israel's pre-1967 borders, the most popular name for new baby boys is now Muhammad. There is now a Russian-language television station for the ever-growing number of devourers of pork products, many of whom insist on taking their Israeli soldiers’ oaths on the New Testament alone (emphatically not a Russian Orthodox position, but there we are), and some of whom have been found to be distributing anti-Semitic literature in Russian, up to and including the members of an Israeli neo-Nazi gang.

These Russians are the beneficiaries of the Law of Return, not least because Israeli Jews, other than ultra-Orthodox who are either fully anti-Zionist or at least deeply unhappy about the State of Israel that exists, exhibit that unmistakable societal death wish which is a birth rate well below replacement level (and still falling).

Israel should seize this opportunity, not only to present her non-Jewish Arabs (more than half of Israeli Jews being Arabs) as the best-off in the Middle East, but to make them enjoy, and make the world know that they enjoy, the same standard of living as the rest of her citizenry.

But put together the little Muhammads (who will one day be big Muhammads), the sausage-munching Russian Christians, the non-Jewish Arab birth rate, the ultra-Orthodox Jewish birth rate, the contrastingly low and declining birth rate among other Israeli Jews, and the fact that Israel’s international credibility now requires that she deliver on her much-vaunted claim that her Gentile citizens are equal.

All in all, in 50 or even 30 years time, we will all marvel that there was ever an attempt to re-create some romanticised version of Wilhelmine or Weimar Germany in the Levant, and the magazines that come with the Saturday or Sunday newspapers will occasionally feature articles about the tiny outposts of those aged souls still trying to live the dream.

But, my Zionist interlocutors, the dream is over. Give it up. After all, which would you rather have? Full re-integration into the linguistically and culturally Arab Levant of Christians, Muslims, Jews and Druze, with its de facto capital at Damascus? Or a statelet dominated demographically and politically by Russian Nazis, the statelet busily being created by the continuing application of the Law of Return? Those are the only two options available. In which would Jews be safer?


  1. Liam Gooderhall25 May 2008 at 12:29

    Well, after Russia received douze points from Israel last night, it certainly appears there is a certain Russian influence within Israeli politik these days...

  2. Errr...

    Israel is the new Apartheid South Africa.

    But there are still more leftwing pro-Israel Jews in America voting Democrat than there are Jews of any sort in Israel itself, and so when (not if) Netanyahu returns to power he will continue to enjoy the most remarkable political cover imaginable from the world's last remaining superpower.

    Only when America itself disintegrates will we see concentration camps on the Levant - although again it's a matter of when, not if, the last Crusader State goes under.

  3. "Israel is the new Apartheid South Africa"

    Is it?

    "when (not if) Netanyahu returns to power he will continue to enjoy the most remarkable political cover imaginable from the world's last remaining superpower"

    Not if Obama comes to power in America, he won't. The Jews within the Democartic Party are all for taht ghsatly Clinton woman, and he won't forget it.

    "the last Crusader State"

    Israel? I wouldn't call them that, if I were you! And the recognition of a State as "Crusader" or not would seem to belong most obviously to the Latin Patriarch of Jerusalem, whose views on these matters are very well-known.

  4. It is pretty well known that the present Pope is a Zionist - like Pope Pius XII, unlike Pope Pius XI, and definitely unlike his own immediate predecessor. But given that the modern Popes no longer even recognise their own secular authority their views seem pretty irrelevant.

    Yes, it's pretty clear that Israel will continue to be denounced for maintaining a Jewish hegemony, just as South Africa was denounced for maintaining White rule. Think about it. Which small country in the world is the trendy one to boycott for fruit at the moment? Personally I hate avocado, and I don't own shares in Caterpillar either, but both symbolise noble ventures in their own ways.

    The Jews in America have supported every single Democrat Presidential candidate since FDR. The idea of BO's becoming President without them is even more laughable than the idea of his becoming President full-stop.

    So far the conservative Supreme Court Justices are still in a minority - despite the fact that the majority are Catholics. (There are still far too many leftwing Catholics in America and elsewhere!) All of their rulings that have made the news have been sound. Unfortunately if BO gets in there'll be no chance of their becoming a majority, and the South Dakota abortion ban (for example) will be struck down (again!).

    Zionism = anti-Semitism? Discuss. (If Israel were a Christian state rather than Jewish, would you still be so bitterly opposed to its very existence?)

  5. I am not "bitterly opposed to [Israel's] very existence".

    Nor is Israel maintaining a Jewish hegemony. Rather, she is willing to go to any lengths to maintain a non-Arab majority, even to the extent of packing the pre-1967 territory with Russians who at best insist on taking their IDF oaths on the NT alone, and in some cases are Nazis.

    There are other things as well, such the bringing in of Peruvian Indians magically "converted to Judaism". Being Jewish has gone by the by completely. Only not being Arab matters any more. And they are losing that one, too.

    Obama is on course to win without the Jews, probably because he'll pick up a lot of paleocon votes instead. It will represent a very significant shift of he does.

    But whether he or McCain wins, it won't make the slightest difference to the Supreme Court. If a morally conservative majority were ever achieved there, then what reason would blue-collar Catholics and Evangelicals have to vote Republican? None. And every Republican knows it.