Wednesday, 11 August 2021

Civil Wrongs

The age of consent in the State of New York is 17, the age of consent in the United Kingdom is 16, and how could you sue in New York for something that you claimed had happened in London?

Virginia Roberts Giuffre is going to have to convince a court that Prince Andrew had committed at least one sexual assault. But only to the civil burden of proof.

He would not then be a convicted sexual assailant, yet it would have been found in court that he had committed an act that was also a serious criminal offence, and financially his accuser would be set up for life. This stinks to high heaven.

If you were going to accuse someone of an act that was a serious criminal offence, then you should have to do exactly that. And then prove it beyond reasonable doubt.

As, in the United States, you would still have to do. Whereas, in my direct personal experience, the concept of conviction beyond reasonable doubt has unilaterally been abolished by the judiciary of England and Wales.

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