Wednesday, 18 August 2021

Clinging To The Fuselage

These people collaborated with a foreign occupation of their country and with that regime's Olympically corrupt puppet regime. But, heaven help us, we were part of that occupation, and that regime was partly our puppet. We ought never to have made ourselves responsible for those people. But we did.

There are 268,385 empty homes in this country. We would need 116,666 in order to house everyone who was currently homeless, a scandalously high number of whom are ex-Forces. That would leave 151,719 in which to house refugees.

As for this country's own culture, how much difference to it did you think that a number of people smaller than the population of Consett was going to make? And what did you think that that culture was?

Britain is now noted in all the literature for its globally unique superdiversity: people from every inhabited territory on earth, ethnic diversity down to every village, and a huge and exponentially increasing mixed-race population in the society that accepts mixed-race people and couples more than anywhere else in the world.

Almost certainly, that includes your own family. Unless you are at least 80, then you cannot properly remember pre-Windrush Britain. And even if you can, then you probably have mixed-race grandchildren, and you will as good as certainly have mixed-race great-grandchildren. Most people even in that age group have no problem whatever with that. As is internationally noted, that is what makes Britain Britain.